We have experience providing onsite corporate fitness and wellness programming in the St. Louis area since 2001. We provide Group Exercise classes before work, over the lunch hour and after work at several corporate locations. In the past we have provided fitness and wellness programming to many area organizations, including: Washington University in St. Louis, The Federal Reserve Bank and AT&T. 

St. Louis City Fitness employs a team of fitness/group exercise instructors skilled in a wide variety of class formats

  • Zumba
  • FitBall – strength, balance, and flexibility, using the stability ball.
  • Bootcamp – interval-based class using calisthenic exercises and drills.
  • Core Combo – blends elements of Pilates, yoga, functional movements and core strength.
  • Kickboxing – high energy, high intensity cardio workout, using a variety of kicks and punches.
  • Balance Body Conditioning – muscle conditioning from head to toe.
  • Hip-Hop – dance-inspired workout.
  • Step – classic cardio class, featuring a step bench and varied choreography.
  • Hi/Low-impact aerobics – fun floor-based cardio.
  • Yoga – Hatha format.
  • Studio Cycling – indoor group cycling on Spinning-type bikes.
  • STOTT® Pilates – mat, mat small group (maximum 3 participants), and in-home classes are available.
  • GYROKINESIS® – mat version of GYROTONIC® Training.
  • Balance on the Beam – A balance class offering Balancing Experiences with Activity to Motivate life changes which blends moves that are familiar to you with the philosophy behind Yoga and Pilates.
  • Core Balance – Strengthen core, balance and agility using stability balls, mats, bands, and rings.
  • Stretching – Stretching will increase both flexibility and motion.


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